Corporate Leadership

The leadership philosophy of INTECON is expressed in our Guiding Principles, which represent the core values on which our company is built. They define our beliefs and tenets, both as a business and as individuals within our firm.


Anthony J. Rudeen - Director of International Operations

Retired U.S. Army Senior NCO with 27 years of Military and Business experience at multiple levels, within USASOC and the business community: extensive knowledge in military operations, intelligence, communications and special operations- domestic and international. ...

Alan W. Omo - Director of Domestic Operations

Program Manager, NORAD and USNORTHCOM Technical and Advisory and Assistance (TA2S) Contract Program Manager, Veterans Technology Services, Government-wide Acquisition Contract (VETS GWAC) Oversees the day-to-day operations of INTECONís domestic contracts in Colorado, ...

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"Thank you for the support of the JADOCS staff at the Al Udeid Air Base CAOC.  The ability of our team to perform effectively in the field is ......"
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