Guiding Principles

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Integrity Consulting


Through our strategic partnering and methodology in a unique network, we assemble subject matter experts for project-specific needs assessments.  The result is successful and cost-effective project execution.


Our goal is to assure an effective and unified pursuit of project goals and objectives.  Communicating effectively ensures proactive, timely, and effective responses to changes in project scope and demands.  Resolving issues and disagreements quickly and expeditiously is a cornerstone of INTECON's management and leadership philosophy.

Cost Awareness

Through planning, investigation, collaboration, and innovation we provide the right solutions, at the right time, at the right cost; maximum value for the customer, every time.


The power of our company is defined and focused by its mission and goals.  Project management is empowered to lead, or follow, as appropriate, to support consensus decisions in order to sustain momentum in the pursuit of the ultimate objectives.


Our Building Blocks

The INTECON logo represents our business philosophy:

Royalty of the Customer

Royal blue represents the royalty of the customer – without them we would not have a company.

Value of the Employees

Gold represents the employees - without them we could achieve nothing.


The white "zorro" represents our staff bringing the customer and employees together.

Your Comments or Questions:
"INTECON’s Management and Schedule performance has been excellent. Their daily interface with the Raytheon Program Manager, clear understanding ......"
Tom Stalzer

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