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Persistent Surveillance and Dissemination Systems of Systems

The PSDS2 program objective is to provide real-time detection of enemy direct and indirect fire threats and assemble these threats into a common operating picture. In 2003, Project Manager Night Vision/Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition identified the PSDS2 system capability for rapid acquisition and fielding in order to satisfy an urgent and compelling need for a persistent Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability. PSDS2 gained endorsement from the CENTCOM Commander and the Secretary of Defense in 2004. PSDS2 counters today’s asymmetric threats, which can occur at any time and place, by providing reliable, cost-effective persistent surveillance systems and decision making tools.

INTECON provides IT lifecycle support to the PSDS2 systems currently deployed to theater, including operations and maintenance of those systems, troubleshooting, enhancements, and software upgrades, as well as the deployment of additional PSDS2 systems to meet warfighter needs.

The PSDS2 family of systems provides high quality video from multiple sensors and the associated metadata to support real-time monitoring, decision-making, and forensic analysis. The systems are enabling task forces to rapidly disseminate observations and associated video data, and to provide response teams with real-time situational awareness.

PSDS2 is a combat-proven, integrated suite of sensing, visualization and communication components built on a flexible architecture to support dynamic mission needs. It provides geospatial integration of camera feeds for comprehensive “video-in-context” display and draping of real-time imagery over 3D terrain models and buildings for intuitive operator monitoring. PSDS2 features plug-and-play support for most fielded sensors for flexible configuration choices and dissemination of live video and metadata for rapid detection-to-action reaction times. It uses common components and a scalable, IP-based system oriented architecture for varying operational system needs and changing requirements. PSDS2 ties existing Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C2ISR) sensors into a common architecture to produce actionable information for warfighters in a combat environment.

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